Frank D. Waldron: Seattle’s Syncopated Classic (book, sheet music & 2 album download)

Greg Ruby with Paul de Barros
Greg Ruby Music is pleased to announce the release of Frank D. Waldron: Seattle’s Syncopated Classic. This book and music set celebrates one of Seattle’s forgotten musical treasures.



  • A complete reprint of Frank D. Waldron’s Syncopated Classic music book from 1924
  • Lead sheets to Waldron’s original compositions
  • Biographical essay by Paul de Barros & Greg Ruby
  • Reproductions of rare photographs from Waldron’s life and career
  • Download codes for two albums of music
    • Recordings of Syncopated Classic in its original instrumentation by Jacob Zimmerman (saxophone) and Dalton Ridenhour (piano)
    • Recordings of Waldron’s original compositions by Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners

“Waldron’s compositions have memorable melodies, unpredictable turns, and multiple strains.  This is the equivalent of finding a folio of new Jelly Roll Morton or Tiny Parham songs.”

                          – Michael Steinman, JAZZ LIVES

This book & music collection reaches back to the earliest days of jazz in Seattle and introduces a new generation to the music of Frank D. Waldron  — as exciting and enjoyable today as in the Jackson Street “Golden Age”.

Dick Stein, Jazz host, KNKX 88.5 FM