Foundations of Swing – 10 weeks Thursdays, 6 pm ET (Apr 13-June 15)



Foundations of Swing

Thursdays, 6:00pm – 7:15 pm ET

April 13 – June 15 (via Zoom)

All sessions will be video recorded & made available immediately following class

Cost: $350 for 10 live on-line classes (limit 15)

This ten week workshop will expand your repertoire and deepen your understanding of swing guitar. Plan to learn new songs while developing your skills of rhythm guitar accompaniment, melody playing, and soloing. The class will also address practice strategies, applicable theory, guitar technique and how to internalize chord progressions.

All handouts will be will be in standard notation, tablature and chord diagrams so note reading is not required. Mp3 play-along tracks will keep you jamming along with the tunes for months to come. Prior to the start of the session, each participant will receive a listening list along with PDF lead sheets for the songs we will use in each class enabling you to familiarize yourself with the repertoire prior to the start of each class.

This class level is well suited for a beginner to intermediate guitar player or a more advanced player who is new to swing music.

Questions? email Greg Ruby

Email from student of the Winter 2022 Swing Guitar Workshop:
Hi Greg,
I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your classes! You are a fantastic teacher. I love your enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge!  You’ve thoughtfully outlined what you want us to learn, and you then translate the roadmaps on the pages by explaining it so clearly. This is where I can get lost on my own!
 Although you move apace – I get the ideas and ultimately get close to manifesting the moves. It’s wonderful to have all these things to work on. “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise” has been on my mind since the beginning of the pandemic. I’m so glad you included it in the course.
Good material, methodology, technique, theory, history, musicality, geometry and even algebra – you cover all of it without being overwhelming or tangental.
Thank you so much for doing this. I was really getting bogged down on my own – dying from overexposure to myself!
It’s just been so fun.
  1. Place du Swing Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:03
  2. Valse Volant Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:38
  3. Salut du Combo Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:46
  4. Where Does It Go From Here? Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:50
  5. Corner Café Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:28
  6. Mambo Tonight Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:11
  7. Twilight Blue Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:34
  8. Carte Blanche Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:40
  9. Rhythm and Rye Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:57
  10. Palo Verde Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:04
  11. January Rain Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:07
  12. Ballard Bridge Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:30
  13. The Cobblestone Street Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:36