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Swing Guitar Workshop with Greg Ruby

6:30pm – 7:45pm EST, Thursdays, January 20 – February 17 (via Zoom)

Cost: $199 (limit 15) 

Swing Guitar Workshop with Greg Ruby

This five class workshop will dive into the essentials of swing guitar. Each class will use a different song to develop a specific technique and concept.  This will enable you to both learn new techniques and simultaneously deepen your repertoire. From rhythm accompaniment, single-note soloing, chord soloing, chord melody playing and memorizing repertoire, this approach will provide the “how-to” of swing guitar playing alongside the immediate and practical application. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or more advanced student, this class will expand your skill and make you a better swing guitar player right away.

The classes will progress as follows:

Class 1, “The Mighty Engine of Rhythm” will address the techniques and nuances of rhythm guitar playing including chord shapes, voice leading, strumming techniques, movable chords and effective practice routines. We will dive into the nuances and differences between Django’s “La Pompe, ” Freddie Green’s “Four to the Bar,” Danny Barker’s “Rigamaroll” and how to keep which rhythm going when and why.

Class 2, “Navigating the Fretboard” will focus on decoding jazz chord names, creating inversions, using passing chords and playing “active” accompaniment style (ala Eddie Lang & Oscar Alemán.)

Class 3, “Swing That Melody” will work on single note melody playing and how to use the melody as a foundation of improvisation while getting to know new locations on your fretboard.

Class 4, “Melodic Rhythm” will develop soloing by connecting chord tones using rhythms. Combining a few simple techniques will create complex sounding ideas that are manageable to play and even easier to create.  This class will also look at Oscar Aleman’s approach to using this technique when he composed his contrafact “out-choruses.”

Class 5, “Chord Melody” will expand your chord vocabulary using an easy technique to generate chord inversions. We will use these voicings to learn a chord melody and develop a structure for you to create your own.

Prior to the start of the session, each participant will receive a listening list along with PDF lead sheets for the songs we will use in each class.  These lead sheets will include standard notation, tablature and chord diagrams enabling you to familiarize yourself with the repertoire.

Questions? email Greg Ruby

After registering, you will receive a welcome letter that will include your Zoom link, PDFs and listening list.

“Having seen Greg Ruby teach in person for years now, and then watching him teach online at one of my camps last year, confirmed in my mind and those who studied with him, that he is a wonderful educator. Greg is impressively organized, thorough, accessible… and he connects with enthusiasm, humility and humor.” 
– Joe Craven, director of Wintertunes and Rivertunes
  1. Look Both Ways Greg Ruby Quartet
  2. Scofflaw Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  3. Inside Out Greg Ruby Quartet
  4. That’s It Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  5. Someone Told Me Your Secret Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  6. We Meet Again Greg Ruby Quartet
  7. Suspicion Greg Ruby Quartet
  8. Humdinger Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  9. Climb Them Walls Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  10. Low Down Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  11. Kansas Straight Winds Greg Ruby Quartet
  12. Pretty Doll Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  13. Go Get It Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  14. You Should’a Been There Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  15. Zephyr Greg Ruby Quartet
  16. That’s About Right Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  17. 14th Avenue Drag Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  18. Hold On Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners