The Art of Swing Guitar – Tuesdays, 7:30 PM ET – Jan. 23 – March 5



The Art of Swing Guitar

Tuesdays, 7:30 PM ET (4:30 PM PT)

Jan. 23 – March 5* (via Zoom)

All sessions will be video recorded & made available immediately following class

Cost: $270 for 6 live on-line classes (*no class on Feb 6)

The focus of this six-week class is to learn a song while simultaneously developing the many facets that go into playing it.  By spending three weeks on each song, you will have enough time to relax into the structure of the piece so that the changes and melodic ideas become more intuitive – all while improving your skills as both a soloist and rhythm guitarist. We will use the swing standards “I’ll See You in My Dreams” and “Russian Lullaby” to expand your skill set and deepen your understanding of the following:

Chords and Rhythm Accompaniment

  • Basic chords
  • Passing chords
  • Advanced chord shapes
  • Memorizing chord progressions
  • Inversions for accompaniment and chord soloing
  • Chord melody

Lead Playing

  • Developing a “swing feel”
  • Learning from a lead sheet
  • Memorizing the melody to be able to play it in several locations on the guitar
  • Embellishing the melody
  • Learning the chord tones (applied arpeggios)
  • Using rhythm and chord tones to develop a solo
  • Composing a solo
  • Composing a solo on the fly
  • Learning from the greats (licks, phrases and rhythms)
  • Intros/outros

            Theoretical and Fretboard Understanding

  • The commonality of chord progressions and song form
  • Mapping the fretboard
  • Making arpeggios musical
  • Researching a song
  • Listening for learning
  • Practicing for success
  • Technique for improving tone

All handouts will be will be in standard notation, tablature and chord diagrams so note reading is not required. MP3 play-along tracks as well as practice videos will be provided to ensure you have the proper support between each class.

Questions? email Greg Ruby

What students are saying…
I’ve been listening to Jazz for about 25 years now, and I started learning guitar about 5 years ago.  As a fan of Greg’s music for many years, I came to his classes as a beginner/intermediate guitar player.  Immediately I was impressed by three things:  First, Greg has developed wonderfully well-thought out systems and written materials that are both logical in their structure, and immediately applicable to PLAYING MUSIC, not just practicing it. Through the PDF handouts, the videos following the classes, and his ability to clearly explain complex concepts, he lays the foundation for guitar players of every level.  Second, Greg’s classes are filled with magical nuggets of wisdom – little tips and tricks that advance your playing immediately. These might be exercises, positional tips, or simple ways of explaining rather opaque concepts – the kinds of knowledge that only comes from decades of experience, and it can take a lot of the frustration out of the learning process.  Lastly, Greg is able to communicate to the students’ experience in a way that so many players at his level cannot.  He loves what he does, and it shows.  I feel that he truly wants his students to succeed.  The chance to learn from such a gifted performer, historian, and teacher who is generous with his knowledge and materials has been a highlight of my guitar journey.
– Daniel N.
  1. Place du Swing Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:03
  2. Valse Volant Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:38
  3. Salut du Combo Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:46
  4. Where Does It Go From Here? Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:50
  5. Corner Café Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:28
  6. Mambo Tonight Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:11
  7. Twilight Blue Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:34
  8. Carte Blanche Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:40
  9. Rhythm and Rye Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:57
  10. Palo Verde Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:04
  11. January Rain Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:07
  12. Ballard Bridge Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:30
  13. The Cobblestone Street Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:36