Pearl Dango Play Along Vol. 1

Pearl Django play along Vol. 1

Pearl Django Play-Along Songbook, Vol. 1

by Greg Ruby

This songbook contains Django Reinhardt compositions, Gypsy jazz standards, and Pearl Django originals for instrumentalists of any skill level.

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Gypsy jazz standards, and Pearl Django originals for instrumentalists of any skill level. The easy-to-read standard notation, guitar tablature, and chord diagrams will allow beginning students to quickly learn the core Gypsy jazz repertoire. More advanced students will benefit from the carefully notated intros and outros, melodic embellishments, advanced chord voicings, and harmony parts. The accompanying play-along audio CD will allow you to practice your own solos with the Pearl Django rhythm section.

  • Seventeen accurate transcriptions of melodies, harmonies, and chords for Django Reinhardt compositions, Gypsy jazz standards, and Pearl Django originals.
  • Two chord-melody arrangements by Dudley Hill.
  • Transcriptions that are both standard notation and tablature (guitar chord diagrams included).
  • Fingerings and chord voicings as played by Pearl Django.
  • Guitar, violin, and accordion parts included.
  • Examples of Gypsy-style swing, Latin, and folk accompaniment.
  • Easy-to-read Real Book style format suitable for sight reading on the gig.
  • An audio CD with seventeen play-along tracks compiled from Pearl Django’s CDs: Under Paris SkiesAvalon, and Souvenirs.
  • A play-along version of a previously unreleased Pearl Django recording of Djangology.
  • Pearl Django history and discography.
  • Extra sturdy Mylar reinforced spiral binding and heavy coated paper. This book can withstand years of on-the-gig punishment!

I think that the most rewarding, productive and satisfying thing an aspiring jazz player can do is to play with other musicians. What a great way to develop your vocabulary and facility in the Gypsy jazz and swing styles–to have the chance to play with Pearl Django, one of the best groups playing this music today!

Howard Alden, one of the greatest virtuosos of jazz guitar for the past twenty years. His Gypsy jazz style playing can be heard on the soundtrack for Woody Allen’s film “Sweet and Lowdown.”

Pearl Django is without a doubt one of the best Gypsy jazz bands in the United States today. Their CDs, and later their live performance in 2002 at the annual Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois-sur-Seine, France, proved to me the outstanding musicianship of this ensemble. Few have approached Django Reinhardt’s music with the sincerity, rigor, and authenticity of Pearl Django. More recently I have had the pleasure to appear onstage with this excellent group. During these performances they’ve continued to impress me with their dedication to this wonderful genre. Bravo et latcho drom a Pearl Django!

Patrick Saussois, one of France’s premier Gypsy jazz guitarists, owner of Djaz records, and founder of the ensemble Alma Sinti.

Pearl Django Play-Along Songbook, Vol. 1, by Greg Ruby. Spiral bound, includes CD, . It’s no secret that the key to playing gypsy jazz solos, as with most instrumental music, lies in having a solid rhythm section that doesn’t mind playing the same chord changes over and over again. Here you get instruction, transcriptions of solos (both standard and tab), and complete chord charts for 17 Django, or Django-style, songs, plus the advantage of being able to practice those great melodies with one of North America’s best gypsy jazz bands playing back-up. Now you’ll be able to take your turn the next time a jam session digs deep into Djangology, Limehouse Blues, Nuages, or Swing 42.

Richard Johnston, Gryphon Gazet

Seattle’s own Pearl Django has been at the forefront of the Gypsy jazz scene in North America for over a decade. Now their excellent arrangements of Django Reinhardt compositions, Gypsy jazz standards, and their own original songs are available in a play-along format. The Pearl Django Play-along Songbook, which contains 17 songs, is an excellent learning tool. To date, this is the only book to provide accurate music of Django’s compositions in such an easy an easy-to-read, gig friendly Real Book format (both standard notation and TAB). The play-along CD is comprised of Pearl Django’s original recordings with the solos removed. Unlike many play-alongs which sound stiff and clinical, with the Pearl Django CD you feel as if you’re playing along with the band during a burning performance. In addition to the basic charts, separate harmony parts, introductions, endings, and advanced chord versions are also included. Two of Dudley Hill’s brilliant chord-melody compositions have also been transcribed in detail. This book is an excellent way for students of any level to learn the Gypsy jazz repertoire from one of the best bands playing today.

Clyde Holbrook, The Quarter Note – Dusty Strings Newsletter