August 2023 | The Syncopated Times Read full article

“a love letter to old-time Euro jazz”

– Dave Doyle, The Syncopated Times

April 2019 | The Fretboard Journal | Listen to Podcast

“Seattle’s Greg Ruby lives and breathes jazz guitar. When he’s not gigging with various ensembles, this former member of Pearl Django is a busy composer and music educator. Ruby’s latest project is one of his most ambitious, Oscar Alemán: Play Along Songbook, Volume One.” – Fretboard Journal


 November 2018 | The Syncopated Times Read full article

With a mind for reviving history, and a “knack for exciting audiences to it, Greg Ruby has secured his place in the traditional jazz landscape.”

Joe Bebco, The Syncopated Times


August 2018 | Offbeat Magazine | Read full article

The ensemble is air-tight and they play these prohibition-era tunes with delightful gusto. –

July 2018 | Vintage Guitar Magazine 

June 2018 | Burning Ambulance Read full article

What is the appeal of a collection like this to contemporary jazz fans? For Seattle-based jazz fans, it’s an uncovered revelation; for Dixieland revivalists, it’s forgotten repertoire refreshed; for everyone else, a release like this is a reminder that early jazz history is not the single narrative so well documented on early recordings. Every city, no doubt, has their own version of a Frank Waldron. Does it change the arc of jazz history? No; Louis Armstrong is in no danger of having his position usurped. It does however, broaden the conversation, and illuminate the way jazz moved through American pop culture in the 1920s. In a way, Waldron’s music, given new life by Greg Ruby and The Rhythm Runners, was on the front line of the jazz revolution. He stands in for all the local musicians across the country who heard the great innovators as they passed through their city, absorbing those new sounds into their own styles. In doing so, they helped create a national audience for “hot jazz,” one that was hungry for new dance music for a new era.

—Eric Hofbauer, Burning Ambulance

May 2018 | Earshot Jazz Magazine | Read full article

“This record was, I guess you could say, a hundred years in the making,” Ruby said while accepting his Golden Ear Award, and extending thanks to a handful of partners in his project including 4Culture, Washington State Black Heritage Society, and Seattle jazz historian Paul De Barros. – Earshot Jazz Magazine

February 2018 | The Stranger – SLOG | Read full article

“Frank D. Waldron is not often referenced in any conversations about the history of jazz music in Seattle. Even though he has direct connections to the careers of Northwest pillars like Jelly Roll Morton and Quincy Jones, it still takes a little bit of digging to churn up Waldron’s name and his work as performer, songwriter, and teacher in the early part of the 20th century.That’s quickly changing thanks to the work of Seattle vintage jazz guitarist Greg Ruby and writer Paul de Barros.”  – Robert Ham, The Stranger

February 2018 | The Vinyl District | Read full article

“On Syncopated Classic, Seattle-based guitarist-composer Greg Ruby and his collaborators the Rhythm Runners uncover a fascinating, nearly forgotten chapter in early jazz history.”

– Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District

January 2018 | Paste Magazine – Record Time | Read full article

“His [Frank D. Waldron’s] legacy is getting a helping hand in 2018 thanks to the efforts of Greg Ruby, a guitarist who leads a hot jazz outfit called the Rhythm Runners.” – Paste Magazine

December 2017 | Blurt | Read full article

One would need to be a specialist/archivist to properly annotate this 11-song LP, but suffice to say, put it on in the middle of a house party, and watch the smiles broaden, the drinks flow more liberally, and the inhibitions dissipate.  – Fred Mills, Blurt Magazine

July 2015 | Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Washington Hall Stomp: Swinging Prohibition-era jazz laced with Gypsy jazz-inspired guitar solos thanks to Pearl Django alumn Ruby….both Satchmo and Django would be proud.”

Michael Dregni, Vintage Guitar Magazine


September 2014 | Seattle Times | Read full article

Seattle guitarist revives work of vintage Seattle composer _ Concert preview _ Soundposts _ Seattle Times-page-001

“Kudos to Ruby and the Rhythm Runners for bringing Waldron’s legacy to back to life…”  – Paul de Barros, Seattle Times


  • #1 Roots Music Report
  • #11 CMJ
  • #62 Roots Music Report: Top Jazz Albums of 2011

March 2011 | Baker & Taylor CD Hotlist | Read full article

“One way to celebrate Django Rheinhardt’s 100th anniversary is to put out an album. Guitarist Ruby goes a bit further and not only gives us a fine outing of Gypsy jazz, but composed all the pieces himself…with masterful playing, the quartet distinguishes itself on this excellent release.”  – Baker and Taylor CD H0tlist

November 2010 | Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Seattle’s Greg Ruby swings with abandon…this is truly hot jazz.”        -Michael Dregni, Vintage Guitar Magazine

October 2010 | Victory Review | Read full article

“Ruby charted a course years ago to venture into the world of Django Reinhardt’s musing, made it his own and has assembled a great musical force to assist with his collection of original tunes.”

-Christopher Anderson, Victory Review

  1. Place du Swing Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:03
  2. Valse Volant Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:38
  3. Salut du Combo Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:46
  4. Where Does It Go From Here? Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:50
  5. Corner Café Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:28
  6. Mambo Tonight Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:11
  7. Twilight Blue Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 3:34
  8. Carte Blanche Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:40
  9. Rhythm and Rye Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:57
  10. Palo Verde Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:04
  11. January Rain Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 4:07
  12. Ballard Bridge Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:30
  13. The Cobblestone Street Greg Ruby and Steve Rice 2:36