Private Events & Weddings

From a sophisticated duo for the ceremony, to a vintage jazz trio for the cocktail hour, to a swing dance band for the reception, Greg Ruby is able to assemble an ensemble that fits the mood and budget of your wedding or special event.

What the happy couples are saying….

“We feel so fortunate to have had Greg Ruby play at our wedding! He was great to work with and was willing to learn a new piece for my walk down the aisle. The music perfectly set the mood—delightful and sophisticated—and my guests still comment to this day about how lovely the music was. In fact, we enjoyed him so much, we hired him to play at my sister’s wedding this year!” —Anna + Matt

“I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful approach to our event as we planned it, your flexibility with the schedule as the day approached, and the tremendous music we enjoyed that night. I’d been to too many weddings with a deafening DJ or rock band: you’re my style, Mr. Ruby, that’s for sure! The first dance was just a dream and I was really happy, thereafter, seeing people flood the dance floor.” –Joe + Mark

“We’ve been huge fans of Greg Ruby for years and were thrilled when he and the Greg Ruby Quartet agreed to play at our wedding. Music is such a huge, critical part of any wedding or shindig, and Greg partnered closely with us to achieve the mood we wanted for ourselves and for our guests—somewhere between dreamy timelessness and spirited whimsy. We wanted something different. I got to walk down the aisle to a gorgeous La Vie En Rose and we kicked off the party with a gypsy jazzified Ring of Fire. Greg gave us gorgeous music and a gorgeous mood for our gorgeous night, and was an absolute dream to work with.” —Athena + Dave

“The Greg Ruby Trio was such a special part of our wedding. Greg is so easy to work with, and has an amazing ability to take our ideas and make them work musically. We had chosen three songs to be included in the wedding, all of which required a vocalist and musicians able to work with a variety of musical styles. Greg introduced us to  a singer he had worked with in the past, and they made the songs better than the originals. Greg and his group also set just the right tone for the pre- and post-service music, enhancing the experience but not distracting from the event. Greg had come to us on a recommendation, and he was responsive and followed through, which was exactly the sort of service that we needed in planning a wedding. We would recommend him highly.” —Brian + Steve

“Greg and his group were such a great addition to our day. He was responsive, professional and full of good advice in the days running up to our wedding and more than matched that with a talented, perfectly-timed performance on the day of our wedding. When I had so many things to think about and organize, Greg was kind, considerate and had some great ideas for music that complemented our theme beautifully.” —Tina + Mike

“Greg Ruby’s music, a combination of original works and classic tunes, helped to set the perfect mood for our wedding, including a unique rendition of Such Great Heights for our first dance. Greg and his musicians were a pleasure to work with.” —Hope + Gregory

“When I started planning my wedding, I couldn’t find a musician that I liked in L.A. anywhere. I was beyond stressed out about it. Greg Ruby played at my sister’s wedding and I LOVED them. On a whim, I asked if they would be willing to fly down to L.A. from Seattle to play and they said Yes! They made my walk down the aisle a moment I will never forget and the cocktail hour was magical because of them. My brother is the last in our family to get married, but we already know who is going to play when he finally ties the knot. They are now part of the family!” —Sarah + Joe

“We were so thrilled to have Greg and his band provide the music for our wedding. We wanted a live band, but after looking for months, no one seemed quite right. By chance we heard Greg play at a local venue and we immediately knew there was no one else we wanted to play at our wedding. Greg is not only an incredibly talented musician, but he’s also one of the nicest and most professional people you’ll ever meet, which made planning the music for our day a breeze. It’s a year later and we’re still getting compliments on how fantastic our band was. There’s no doubt we would recommend him without the least bit of hesitation.” —Elicia + Cav

“We were grateful that the Greg Ruby Trio agreed to travel to the Oregon wine country to play at our wedding. Greg and his musicians are professional, accommodating, and so talented. Their music helped create the inviting, nostalgic, and romantic ambiance we had envisioned for our outdoor wedding. Many of our guests commented that, as they sipped their Pinot Noir in the picturesque vineyard, listening to the lovely sounds of the Greg Ruby Trio, they felt they had escaped for a night to the French countryside. Thank you for making our wedding day so enchanting!” —Andrea + Mike

  1. Look Both Ways Greg Ruby Quartet
  2. Scofflaw Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  3. Inside Out Greg Ruby Quartet
  4. That’s It Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  5. Someone Told Me Your Secret Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  6. We Meet Again Greg Ruby Quartet
  7. Suspicion Greg Ruby Quartet
  8. Humdinger Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  9. Climb Them Walls Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  10. Low Down Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  11. Kansas Straight Winds Greg Ruby Quartet
  12. Pretty Doll Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  13. Go Get It Greg Ruby & the Rhythm Runners
  14. You Should’a Been There Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  15. Zephyr Greg Ruby Quartet
  16. That’s About Right Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  17. 14th Avenue Drag Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners
  18. Hold On Greg Ruby and the Rhythm Runners